In this post here’s a short guide on how you can test-drive the WorldProfit’s network of 18 advertising sites that have a total of 135,000 members.

If you are not WorldProfit’s member yet or simply haven’t took a serious look at it even being a free member, then it’s good to know that these 18 sites (6 safelists + 12 ad exchanges) are where most of traffic offered by WorldProfit comes from.

There’s a huge traffic potential for your business and WorldProfit is giving away actually 2 Promo Codes for big ad pack at these sites.

First Promo Code wpspecial is public for all and it works at 11 ad exchanges. You get 5 banners and 5 text ads at each site.

The 2nd Promo Code is members only and you get access to this if you join 1 of the 18 traffic sites from a special page below. Promo Code will be sent to your email.

This 2nd Promo Code is valid at all 18 traffic sites and you get a total of 14 Solo Ads, 400,000 Ad credits, 49 banner ads and 55 text ads.

A short guide on how to get everything done fast:

After you join the 1 traffic site of your choice, you’ll be given an opportunity to create a free WorldProfit Associate account. It’s recommended to take this chance because from WorldProfit’s member’s area you can join all other 17 sites with 1 click.

Choose Multi-Commission System from left menu to join all other traffic sites. Once you have joined all sites and they show as “Activated” inside WorldProfit’s members area, you have an opportunity to promote the same Promo Code page like I have with your referral links.

When my referral link that gets me both free WorldProfit associates and referrals at these 18 traffic sites is then you just replace the last number with your WorldProfit’s member id (number).

It’s a perfect offer to send to your list or give away to your team members. It’s a perfect offer to use as a lead magnet as well. Just build your lead capture page around this Promo Code offer and send subscribers to this page to get WorldProfit referrals.

A Promo Code to Reach 135,000 Responsive Marketers

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