I am a big fan of free traffic and buy traffic mostly only in 2 cases: 1) When I see that a traffic source is converting well when I test it for free and I could get much more traffic when I pay for it 2) When from a certain traffic source it’s not possible to get traffic for free, but based on other marketer’s experience the traffic is good and responsive

In this post here’s a guide on how to get free traffic from 22 viral mailers of Your Viral Network operated by Matthew Graves. These mailers have combined membership of about 35,000 members.

These mailers are very responsive, especially the newest and recently re-launched ones. So they are all worth to upgrade but it would cost you up to $130 per month. Still you don’t have to hurry spending your money because all these mailers have a feature that enables you to earn free upgrade:

At all Your Viral Network Mailers you can earn 3-month free Premium upgrade getting 5 free referrals and passing them up to your sponsor

When you have earned Premium membership, you can utilize another feature of these mailers to get a total of up to 22,000 mailing credits daily:

As a Premium member you get 1000 mailing credits added to your account every 24 hours

When you do a little math (22 mailers – 35,000 members), the “average” Your Viral Network mailer has 1600 members and the 2000 mailing credits you receive at that “average” mailer in 2 days as a Premium is more than enough to mail whole membership every 2 days. (Largest site has about 2100 members)

Next, here’s a List of All Your Viral Network Mailers and the promotional strategy to earn free Premium Memberships.

Join all mailers you are not a member of yet. Joining is single opt-in, do not use your primary email address. You’ll receive account ID and password to your email























A Promotional Strategy to Earn Free Premium Memebrships

I have earned free Premiums mostly by sending to my own list when there is a launch or re-launch of a Your Viral Network mailer. But if you don’t have your own list yet, you can use following strategy:

  1. Create a strong advertising campaign for 1-2 Your Viral Network mailers at traffic sites that are already saturated for your own primary business or lead capture page. When you have got 5 referrals at those mailers, then take next mailers and repeat the process.
  2. Create a splash page, free report or blog post with links to all 22 Your Viral Network mailers and explain the opportunity and benefits of earning Free Premium memberships at these mailers.

Earning 3-Month Free Premium memberships at these mailers definitely will pay off. For me this network of mailers is one of the best subscriber sources even now when I have Premium only at 6 sites, at several sites it has expired. So I have some work to do getting more upgrades 🙂

Check out also the page Best free traffic sites with Promo Codes to get some free advertising to use both for your own business and earning free upgrades at Your Viral Network Sites.

Use Speedmailer to Send Mail to Multiple Sites

If you are new to Your Viral Network mailers, you may be not familiar yet with the Speedmailer feature that enables to send (clone) your email into multiple Your Viral Network mailers from one single mailer. (You may be more familiar with Referralfrenzy that enable to email to multiple mailers at once and Speedmailer has the exact same features)

To use Speedmailer, you first need to link Your Viral Network mailers. Login to a mailer of your choice and in left menu below you see:

Choose “Sites to link” and follow the instructions. You need to provide user id and password for each mailer you want to link.

Using Speedmailer is simple: Send a regular email from whatever mailer you choose and approve email to be sent. Then the list of linked mailers will be displayed along with mailing credits at each site and checkboxes. If you don’t want to send the email to a particular mailer where there is not enough of credits, then you just uncheck it.

If you achieve the goal to have free Premium memberships at all 22 mailers, then you can use Speedmailer to mail all 35,000 members every 2 days with just 2-3 minutes of work. It’s one of the best free traffic opportunities on Net and totally achievable with some effort.

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