You can make money with any business, if you have enough of traffic. The “secret” of many top earners to get massive traffic for very cheap price is using Network Solo ads. Network Solos are easiest way to build a list fast and split-test your funnel as they enable you to reach hundreds of thousands of marketers multiple times. (If you are not ready yet to use these sites and first want to test your funnel for free, then check out the page Top Traffic Sites & Promo Codes)

With these sites you can reach 500,000+ Marketers daily

1. Network Solos by Dave Mosher

Master Safelist Blaster submits Solo Ads, banners and text ads to 291 sites with a total of 462,000+ members. Solos are averaging 850 clicks.

Send Solo Ads to 15 different networks with a combined membership of 1,084,300+ members

2. Network Solos by WorldProfit

Ruby Solos go out to 12 large traffic sites owned by WorldProfit, these sites have a combined membership of 135,000+

Solo ad rotator to about 1 Million subscribers. These include WorldProfit members and traffic sites owned by WorldProfit. Customers get traffic to 5 url-s for a full year.

3. Network Solos by Mark Dosier

Submit Solo Ads, banners, text links and login ads to a network of 57 sites with 144,000+ members

Send Solo Ads to 56 sites with a total of 198,400+ members

Sends Solos overall to the same network as SoloAdSense, but refunds unused visitor credits.

3. Network Solos by Kenny Lessing

Submit Solo Ads, banners, text links and login ads to a network of 114 sites with 35,000+ members. Affordable lifetime upgrades.

Send Solo ads to 10 different networks

5. Dawud Islam’s Elite Tigers Group (ETG)

How to send a Solo to 25 mailers with a total of 16,000+ responsive marketers daily: Dawud is always running special promotions where he is giving away 100-200 solo ads at all 25 ETG sites when you purchase a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) from his affiliate link. WSO-s cost usually around $10, so it’s one of the best traffic deals.

You have to send solos manually at each site, but follow this method to do it in less than 10 minutes: 1) Visit to log in to ETG site 2) Choose from your browser’s memory. This way you skip login ad, OTO-s and don’t need to scroll setup ads page.

6. Supercharged Solo Ads by Matthew Graves

These highly responsive Solos are sent to all 22 mailers operated by Matthew Graves. The total membership of these mailers is 35,000. Solos are averaging 500 clicks.