This post is about very effective promotional method you can use when you build your list: Using your Thank-you page to get referrals.

In last 3 months I have got 143 referrals to the launch of very responsive Credit and Solo mailer Email List Pros by Frank Salinas, giving away Promo Code 47gift for 9400 credits.

Out of these 143 referrals 109 have come from banner on Thank-you pages. This banner is actually “Hidden” to at least 95% of my lead capture page visitors and visible only to my subscribers.

Here’s a proof from last 19 days when my main promotion has been Network Solo Ads. The same time I have added a banner for Email List Pros on thank you page and added custom tracking code 500Kthanks to my referral link.

Why are Thank-You (TY) Pages So Effective?

It made me wonder too, I could not expect that TY pages are so effective and so far I have figured out 2 reasons why TY pages work:

Reason 1: TY page visitors are “hottest/freshest” leads.

The moment somebody subscribes to your list, he/she is very likely to join you in multiple businesses/programs. Subscriber is “riding the wave of joining” and you can utilize this fact simply by adding multiple offers to your TY page. Then your subscriber has multiple options to choose from and may very likely join you in appropriate program he/she is not a member of yet.

Reason 2: TY page is pre-selling your business

Every business needs some pre-selling and the best way to do it is creating custom marketing materials and adding some personal touch. Then you will get much better conversions than promoting your business up-front.

When you add a banner to TY page, always write some descriptional text about this particular program. Most of people need more information before joining any opportunity and on TY page you can give a very short overview of the program you are promoting.

If you are promoting a traffic site, then giving away free traffic Promo Codes works great and will get you much higher conversion rate. Incentives and bonuses are also a big and important part of pre-selling process.

Hope you found this post helpful and use it in practice. Whatever you are promoting, never leave your TY page empty, saying just: “Check your Email for the information you requested”. TY page is your ad space that is getting very targeted traffic and it can make you a lot of sales if you use it effectively.

How a “Hidden” Banner Got me 109 Referrals

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